The total cost of car ownership is often the largest and most unpredictable variable to buying a new vehicle. It doesn't mean you can't afford your next dream car, nor does it mean that you shouldn't be in the market for a new or used car. It just means you need to figure out your additional costs before your purchase.

That's what our sales and finance department at Ralph Sellers Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM does best. We work with each customer to find a vehicle that fits their individual budget. Owning a car is much more than making a monthly car payment. Car owners have to pay for gas. They have to pay insurance premiums every month. They have to keep money available for repairs and maintenance. There are state fees associated with vehicles like license plates.

Our sales department can help you compile a budget. We will help you figure out the total car cost for the vehicle you want. We will see if that's realistic and within your budget. Our sales department wants each customer to leave with their dream car. We also know you want to be able to afford the total car cost at 14215 N Airline Highway, so stop in and we'll help make it possible!

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